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Hi, I'm Pat ,

a freelance photographer who loves to work with people of all kinds of characters, languages,

nationalities, tastes and styles -  because Diversity makes the world more interesting!

In 2013, my passion for Photography, Music, Art and Design has motivated me

to turn it into a profession.

I like to offer a variety of shootings and my work is defined by flexibility and

love for all that is visually enjoyable. 

I will execute your assignment reliably, creatively and with a sense

for the perfect moment in which I aim to capture your personality and energy in my photos.

If you're looking for a photographer with a special approach on your booking,

providing something other than average, then you're certainly right with me!

On demand, my Photo-Design can provide for an artsy, more individual look of your photos.

Being open to new things and never tired to experiment,

I intend to meet your personal vision regarding your specific event or portrait.

When shooting with me, you can expect a lot of fun, the right amount of humor and

a relaxed atmosphere for a great experience.

I work mainly in the greater Stuttgart area, Böblingen,

On Location or in my studio in Herrenberg.

To get an impression about my work, just browse through my PORTFOLIO!

I also take requests for nationwide and international assignments.

Contact me

for any questions or special requests and I will create a package that

will suit your needs and will consider all your wishes and ideas.

Prices are according to your individual inquiries.

For members of the US Military in Germany, I can provide a tax-free service

via VAT-Form release

I'm working on translating more parts of my website into English.

So if there is any subject you'd like to get informed about, just contact me and I will gladly answer all your questions in a language you can comprehend.


Call me or send me a message here !

or at patrizia.adamo.photography@gmail.com

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